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Help us raise both awareness and funds for HOW’s life-saving work by hosting a fundraising event. To assist you in brainstorming, we have compiled some ideas that will inspire you. Plus, HOW can further support your event through either providing materials or staff. To learn more, contact Sheila Quinn at or (773) 465-5770 ext. 256.

Work Related
Wear Your Jeans to Work - Sick of wearing a uniform or a suit? In exchange for $20 (or what ever amount you choose), you and your co-workers can spend the day in jean luxury and raise money for HOW at the same time!

Prime Parking Spot - Auction prime parking spots off to staff, this can be especially effective in the winter months!

Vacation Days - Encourage your co-workers to donate a day to HOW, a day's worth of salary would be their donation to a great mission!

Box Seats - Raffle off company box seats to an entertainment or major sporting event.

V.P. Auction - Auction off executive's time to their employees for various work-related activities.

Event Ideas
House Party - A house party is an event takes place in your home with people you know. The goal of the event is to raise both money and awareness about HOW - and to have fun! To receive a planning kit, contact
Sheila Quinn at or (773) 465-5770 ext. 256.

Silent or Live Auction - Are you already throwing an event? You can easily add in a silent or live auction to your party to raise funds for a great cause.

Concert- Do you know a musician? Why not throw a concert in honor of HOW!

Garage Sale - This is a great way to get rid of the clutter and support the work of HOW.

Car Wash - Here is something that we all need to get done but never do - wash our cars. Lots of folks would love to get this errand done and benefit a great mission at the same time.

Garden Tour - Organize a garden tour of several homes in your community, advertising through neighborhood historical societies or local nurseries to sell tickets.

Biking/Walking/Running - Do you already participate in bike-a-thons or marathons? Or have you always wanted to and need a great motivator? You can collect pledges to benefit HOW for any of these events.

Golfing or Bowling - Find a golf course or a bowling alley that will host your benefit, invite your friends and family for a game! Including a raffle can help increase donations.

School Related
Alumni Organizations - Your alumni organization may be willing to place an ad in its member newsletter asking for donations on the behalf of HOW.

Sororities/Fraternities - Were you in a sorority or a fraternity? National chapters make charitable gifts to organizations connected to its members.

Things you love to do
Read-a-thon - Are you part of a book club? This is a great group fundraising project! Together, choose a reading list that speaks to the mission of HOW and collect pledges from your friends and family.

Bake Sale - Calling all bakers! Is baking something you love to do, but don't know what to do with all the fantastic food? Why not bake for the sake of HOW!

Barter your Talents - We all have something we are great at, why not barter your talents in exchange for a donation to HOW! (yard work, carpentry, dog/house sit, consulting, etc.)

Are you a business owner?
Cover Charge - Do you own a bar or club? And is there a cover charge? You can arrange for a portion of that cover charge to be donated for one evening to HOW.

Percentage of Profits - If you own a business, a great way of raising money for HOW is by donating a percentage of the profits for a particular item or a one-day sale event.

Donation Jar - Place a donation jar and literature about HOW next to your reception desk or cash register.

In Lieu - Are you about to get married? Have a birthday or a holiday soiree? Do you want to throw a party but you don't want or need presents? A great way to raise money for your favorite cause is to have your guests make a donation in lieu of a present. Check out or for more information. - Earn a penny for HOW by using a new search engine: All you have to do is go to the website, download a tool bar, and choose HOW as your charity.

eBay Giving Works - You can sell items on eBay Giving Works and donate 10 % to 100% of the items final sale price to HOW.

Harvest of Hope

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