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Affordable Housing Development
HOW is committed to developing affordable housing, modeling green building practices and providing property management for the three buildings it owns. The goal of HOW’s affordable housing preservation and production efforts is to ensure that extremely low-, low- and moderate-income individuals and families can access safe, affordable housing throughout the Chicago area.

Singles Two, Family Two: Time-limited to two years, these programs provide appropriately sized apartments for families and unaccompanied women. The focus is on helping women become financially independent through increased skills, income, and job retention. 86 families with 11 children were served with both programs in FY08. Across all of HOW’s residential programs – including those for women who are disabled – 70% of participants who are able to work are employed.

Housing for Women with Disabilities: More than half of HOW’s subsidized housing units are designated for women with disabilities, both with and without families. There is no time limit on participation in this program, and all participating women have a disability that prevents them from obtaining independent permanent housing. 108 women and 164 children were served through our housing for women with disabilities in FY08.

Hospital to Housing Program (HTH): HOW has partnered with health care, respite care, and housing providers to develop and implement a Housing First strategy in order to increase housing stability and health outcomes for people who are chronically medically ill. In FY08 HOW served 16 households and 11 children through the HTH program.

Chronic Homeless Initiative: This program addresses the unique needs of chronically homeless unaccompanied women, by providing access to medical and other supportive services as well as permanently subsidized housing. Happily, HOW was awarded eight additional units of program housing in FY08, allowing HOW to serve a total of 19 women.

HOPWA: HOW expanded its program and services in 2007 to include eight units of housing for women and families living with HIV/AIDS via a program supported by the Chicago Department of Public Health. In FY08, a total of 7 households and 2 children were served by the program. In addition, HOW served 6 households and 2 children in HOPWA apartments funded by the Aids Foundation of Chicago.



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